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Happy Christmas From The Killers

Somehow, I missed this one. I love and look forward to their Christmas songs but this one escaped me for some reason. I have no idea when it was released. I just found it in the new (RED) EP. What I want for Christmas is another brash, trippy, elated Killers album. Come on, fellow high [...]

A Valentine From England

No, no. Thank YOU. I had been listening to them again for the first time in probably years after a long Killers kick. And now, here they are. Thank YOU. I hope it’s not too weird.

Fade Out Again

It’s been cold and wet and despairing around here. So, lately I’ve been a shut-in because I don’t feel like putting on 3 lbs. of clothes that will subsequently get wet and gross. One of the things I’ve been doing with my time indoors other than wasting it is making playlists in iTunes. It’s a [...]


Now on iTunes.

You Are My Comet

Thanks for the triumph of style over substance. Our anxious state of being and a world in chaos lends witness to the grave of all good intentions. This is *fun* and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, Heart on Sleeve Psychotics.

Antonio Banderas Rocks

I never saw Evita when it came out a million years ago. It got panned by the critics and I remember Madonna singing a song from it at the Oscars. I saw it last weekend as part of my pre-Argentine education (I know it’s a movie and not accurate blah blah blah so save your [...]

What’s On… My iPod

1. Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack 2. The Killers Day & Age 3. U2 No Line On The Horizon 4. ABBA originals rather than Mama Mia soundtrack (in particular, this is the audio equivalent of pica) 5. Putumayo compilation entitled Turkish Groove

No Line On The Horizon

I don’t even know what to make of it yet. It’s glanced off my grey matter like a pebble. My grey matter is currently too exhausted and occupied to absorb another drop of new information in order to form any kind of any opinion. But I like the album cover. A lot. The only thing [...]


  When iTunes informed me that there was a new Killers album coming out, I immediately signed up to pre-order it. They’re one of the few bands that I’ll buy any and all their stuff blindly. The album isn’t ann all-new album, but rather a collection of outtakes and extras they’ve had lying around, such as [...]

Radiohead Flips Off The RIAA

This isn’t breaking news. I only found out about it today while reading the cheap-o Metro newspaper in the break room. I’ve been too involved in my own personal odyssey to not know until almost a week late that one of my favorite bands has just released an album. Radiohead dropped their latest In Rainbows [...]

And They Can Never Wrong This Right

I had never seen at show at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan’s Midtown, and I hadn’t seen a rock show at all in over two years. I rectified both wrongs Saturday night. As the ghost of a great LV once said, “What a night. What a show.” There are reasons why the Killers, who are [...]

The Last Day of the Year

I didn’t have much planned for New Year’s since I was so focused on Christmas, it practically slipped my mind. I also didn’t finance for it. Since my last minute $900 air ticket, I don’t have much left (well, enough to get myself a new hard drive but that was a need, not an indulgence) [...]

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