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It finally happened. I am still processing the magnitude of the things I’ve seen.

The Places To Go

I’m officially adding Iceland on places I must go. It’s sitting next to Croatia, Greece, Norway, Brazil, Cinque Terre, Switzerland, and Patagonia. And that’s not counting the dearly beloved great cities of the world: London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Buenos Aires that I must visit again and again just to say hello. I’m off to Montreal [...]

The Rules of Travel

People always express so much surprise at my rather tame travel pursuits. As I was making my way along a particularly gorgeous section of the South West Coast Path today, I thought, the rules really aren’t so hard or so many but they are absolutely inviolate. A. Do your research: I can’t believe the trouble [...]

Dog Days on the Pier

It’s been so long since I posted here. I don’t know if it’s inertia, boredom, busyness, or Facebook. Things have happened that are postworthy, I just haven’t done it. The dog days of summer are here and the extreme heat turns the city into a smelly, soupy mess wherein cockroaches rule the sidewalks and drains, [...]


A place I never thought I would see and there I was stumbling around Gamla Stan in Stockholm in the morning. Thanks to all who made it possible. That was an expensive week (spent Easter Sunday cleaning the house and balancing budgets) but worth it. Just yesterday, I finished the Steig Larsson Millenium triology. I [...]


It took me a while to post, thanks to being busy, shellacked, and decompressing. This was the weirdest yet most rewarding trip I’ve ever taken. It was with a tour group but the country was so fascinating, so different from anywhere I’ve ever been that the two, the complacency inherent in being in a tour [...]


It nearly went to the wire and I had to forgo Greece, but after weeks (no months!) of stressing out the scheduling staff and waiting for the green light, I finally got it. I spent this past weekend, reviewing all my research and trying to imagine myself in all the different tours. Since Turkey is [...]

San Diego Fling

I Love You, New York

I had been working what seemed to be endlessly for three weeks. The first weekend I had been on call, been called, worked for what amounted to be an extra day, and spent the other agonzing about a possible repeat. Call is torture, so much so that I find it impossible to believe how people [...]

New Headers

It’s been since last August that I have added new headers to the blog. That is, since I adopted the new template. The new headers (there are four) are from Buenos Aires, which joins Paris, Barcelona, Naples, Positano, and Philadelphia as the cities which have been memorialized in the header since the blog’s inception. The [...]


I thought I’d take more pictures. I ended up not even using the third CF card I brought along. Oh, well.

The Last Day

The day before a vacation ends is both the longest and shortest day. How best to enjoy oneself to make an appropriate send off? What should one do that is the best thing to do given the circumstances. That’s me today. How do I enjoy my last day in BA before I leave tonight. Other [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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