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Thank You, Steve

It’s really not the iPads or iPods or even my dearly beloved Mac. It’s that way of doing things because somehow he was sure he was right. Only geniuses can get away with that and this was a genius. I have admired him for the last 27 years. There is too much laziness and small-mindedness [...]

What You Get For Five Hundred Dollars

It’s been two weeks since the iPad 2 has come into my life. When I saw the first one at the store, I never thought I would have a need for one and actually considered getting a MacBook Air instead, but then cooler heads prevailed (or I just couldn’t get over spending $1000 when a [...]

My Birthday Present

Because every human on this Earth someday comes to the conclusion that they should take care of themselves. Thanks to a local business and some string pulling, I was able to get myself a great birthday gift. I used it today to write a lengthy scene. I was envious at the girl at the next [...]


Now on iTunes.

New Headers

It’s been since last August that I have added new headers to the blog. That is, since I adopted the new template. The new headers (there are four) are from Buenos Aires, which joins Paris, Barcelona, Naples, Positano, and Philadelphia as the cities which have been memorialized in the header since the blog’s inception. The [...]

The Webhead Returns

I can’t afford to go out so I’m sitting home Saturday night like a loser. Good thing I’ve been bitten by the web bug again and mocking up my work place’s web site turned into a night of energetic wrestling with my own sites and most notably this blog. I realize now how much I’ve [...]

iMac Is Back

For better or worse, my all-white iMac G5 is gone. I rushed home today after work because the new workhorse was supposed to be delivered between 1600-1800. I was running late. A friend had something happen and I had to wait until she got out and then there was the obligatory consolation. I must have [...]

Leaving Theodora

The number of tears willfully unshed are accumulating faster than the dried leaves on the ground. I’m typing this on my laptop that’s sitting on top of my desk. My laptop, Julian, is occupying space where a keyboard would once sit. It’s empty this afternoon. This morning I packed up my beloved iMac G5 and [...]

Get Over It

I’ve had it up to here with nerds who insist on hacking iPhones for their own perverted purposes and then complain when the company who makes them tries to clamp down on the madness. I don’t use my television to mow my lawn, people. Stop crying foul, drama queens. The whole outcry reminds me of [...]

The No-Show

Remember how I said I had been chosen to be one of the First Fifty owners and reviewers of the Chumby? Well, it seems it was too good to be true. After the original e-mail telling me I was in the selected 50 and a follow-up e-mail to ask about my WiFi connection there’s been [...]

The First Fifty

I was chosen to be one of the first fifty owners of the Chumby! I’ve never been picked for anything before. The Chumby people say they tried to pick a cross section of the mainstream market as their first 50 and they picked me. I wish I could remember what I wrote. I remember not [...]

The Nexus of the Universe

The congregation of people in the back of the store is centered around the tables with sample iPhones. I held one for fifteen whole minutes. My contract with Cingular is up today (not like it matters), but there’s still a 2-year-old Razr in my bag. It isn’t that I don’t like the iPhone. it’s that [...]

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