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The leaves are all gone. They’re saying it may snow this week (they hope it’ll snow this week). And part three is nearly done. I am one scene away. One sad scene away. I hate finishing these.

In the Field of Mars

Draft one is finally done. This was a much different experience than the last. For one, it’s shorter, brisker and there’s less explanation. Not everything gets explained. I don’t know yet if it helps or hurts. I didn’t finish it for days, knowing what I had to write. I didn’t want it to end but [...]

Lemony Snicket Chimes In

As the year’s NaNo comes to a close, I’ve reached by word count but the story is still only about halfway and suddenly I’m short on words. It’s like the need to get words down for something as insignificant as a word count was more motivation than actually finishing a story I thought I cared [...]

I Can’t Stop

The year’s NaNoWriMo started painfully. I had a good idea, but for the first two weeks I was barely making my word count and only leaving things in for the hell of it to help my total word count. The novel felt flat, listless, dead, drained of all the excitement at its birth last spring. [...]

The London Interlude

This is so hard, so so so hard. But I made the vow yesterday and now I have to keep it. Maybe I should visit London again just to do some research to make sure everything is realistic. That’s all. I just wanted to whine in near-public. I have so may things to do and [...]

Postprandial and Useless

I hate myself when I haven’t had coffee. I went to me monthly writer’s club today and could only stay for the first hour and half. There wasn’t anywhere in the entire place (we meet at a mall’s cafeteria) where I could get an iced coffee so I took off. Not only had I not [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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