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Whiners are Losers

Trying to change anything is incredibly hard, especially when no one wants to join you in it even if they’re all unhappy with the status quo. I’ve been bogged down with a few things like this at work. I’ve spend weekends, the few short hours of the evening I usually should take for myself, trying [...]

Why Open-Faced Sandwiches Are Stupid

Whether called open-faced sandwiches or the more gentile French term of “tartine”, this food is mystifying to me. This past Saturday I went to a local eatery that specializes in tartines and other pseudo-French bistro fare to get lunch. I wanted to eat in the park, though, and while they have great-sounding tartines, they also [...]

The Truth Hurts

This will be brief but I have to let it out since it’s gotten so annoying. I’m tired off all the articles bewailing England’s fall in South Africa. I don’t want to hear anything more about that missed goal as if that would have turned the entire game around. I don’t want to hear the [...]

The Joys of Homeownership

When I heard the sound of water dripping, I thought it was the sink. My kitchen faucet is old and disgusting and it drips a drop here and there. It’s audible when I’ve been too lazy to wash the dishes from dinner that night. That’s what I thought it was. But then I looked up [...]

The Madness Over Tipping

If I had the original link, I would post it but this is a blog I’ve been reading lately so I’ll be lazy and post the repost. The beginning of the article seems obvious but then gets more ridiculous as it gets closer to the end. While I’m not an undertipper at restaurants and salons [...]

The Rules

Sometimes I wonder if I just grew up in a weird place, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I will be hosting a Spring Fling this coming weekend and have had some things pop up that I thought were common knowledge. It’s inspired me to write down what I [...]

Mind Your Own Business

Yesterday, I was at the market getting new spring produce since I’m tired of eating sweet potatoes and kale. Excited with the coming season, I had picked up some ramps and strawberries and spring onions. I was hunched over the mushroom basket taking my pick of the newest morels. I only wanted a few, for [...]

This Stays Anonymous

Whilst looking at a colleague’s blog today that featured her crafts etc, I let slip that I also maintained a blog. But no, I can’t give out the URL. So that was a cop out and I’m sorry I said anything at all, but I’m not willing to get fired if this place should be [...]

The Saddest Article In the Newspaper Today

With all forgiveness to earthquake victims and obit survivors, the article in the NTY today about More Men Marrying Wealthier Women was the saddest of all. Don’t let the title throw you off, it’s not about men seeking out rich women to marry. Take this snippet: Ms. Zielinski, the fashion stylist, said her best friend, [...]

My List

Before my eyeballs burn to smithereens from sitting in front of the computer all day, I am making a list of annoying things for the week: I have the distinct feeling that I’m writing crap. I’m moving along with plot, but the word choice and the sheer musicality of language is suffering. I also wish [...]

The Health Care Debate

Not long ago, a friend asked me what I, a health care professional, thought of the raging debate on health care reform. I’ve been silent on it both because I’m so busy that I usually avoid anything having to do with work on my days off and because so much was being said and shouted. [...]

I Hate Women

Why do they have to talk behind your back? Why can’t they have a normal conversation about a disagreement? Why is disagreeing with someone considered anathema? Why do we have to pretend we can all just get along in the next breath go rat someone out? You know what disagreement is? It’s normal, critical, and [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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