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The Places To Go

I’m officially adding Iceland on places I must go. It’s sitting next to Croatia, Greece, Norway, Brazil, Cinque Terre, Switzerland, and Patagonia. And that’s not counting the dearly beloved great cities of the world: London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Buenos Aires that I must visit again and again just to say hello. I’m off to Montreal [...]

The Week of Not-Sleep

Here I am, poised to go in for the third night of in-house night call coverage. Every morning, my anxious coworkers ask me how it was, how I slept, did I have to work? I’m only the third one of the entire staff who has had to do this. I volunteered to show solidarity and [...]

Whiners are Losers

Trying to change anything is incredibly hard, especially when no one wants to join you in it even if they’re all unhappy with the status quo. I’ve been bogged down with a few things like this at work. I’ve spend weekends, the few short hours of the evening I usually should take for myself, trying [...]

The 13 Cheese List

Two of my favorite food blogs, Serious Eats and The Kitchn, recently posted lists of 13 cheeses they think everyone should know. The comments at both locations are lighting up with outrage at how some cheeses could have possibly been left out. Since I love cheese more than any other food group other than chocolate [...]

Weekend Reckoning

In this bizarre warm spell in the first full weekend of the new year, I felt the strange need to spring clean. Instead of doing the new budget. Probably seeing some people in town in t-shirts outdoors in January probably put me over the edge. If we thought last summer was a bad roach season, [...]

There’s A Storm Front Coming

I’m hunkered down in my living room in a midrise condo building watching the Valerie Plame movie Fair Game. I’m hoping the power doesn’t die, they’re saying it could take days to get it back. Days?! What will I do without my Internet? So I’m charging my portable devices and planning to use them in [...]

Why Open-Faced Sandwiches Are Stupid

Whether called open-faced sandwiches or the more gentile French term of “tartine”, this food is mystifying to me. This past Saturday I went to a local eatery that specializes in tartines and other pseudo-French bistro fare to get lunch. I wanted to eat in the park, though, and while they have great-sounding tartines, they also [...]

It’s All Over

I went to see the last Harry Potter today. I can’t believe it’s over. The movie is almost entirely a climax and loose ends get tied up and suspicions explained. It was short, though, and I don’t think many people would have minded if it were 30 minutes longer. The 1300 show was the 3D, [...]

Dog Days on the Pier

It’s been so long since I posted here. I don’t know if it’s inertia, boredom, busyness, or Facebook. Things have happened that are postworthy, I just haven’t done it. The dog days of summer are here and the extreme heat turns the city into a smelly, soupy mess wherein cockroaches rule the sidewalks and drains, [...]

My Birthday Present

Because every human on this Earth someday comes to the conclusion that they should take care of themselves. Thanks to a local business and some string pulling, I was able to get myself a great birthday gift. I used it today to write a lengthy scene. I was envious at the girl at the next [...]

Soft Rainy Days

It’s mild outside, just a jacket necessary. The rain falls eagerly sometimes and then it stops as if to take a breath. The clouds hang low but there’s nothing bleak about them, just a weary silence that invokes novels and cheese plates and baking and bowls of ice cream. The rain is washing the city [...]


I’m not sentimental and years are cyclical anyway so it’s weird waxing poetic about the end of one arbitrary orbit around the sun. But let me say, just because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want, Happy New Year. 2010 saw me get a minor job promotion, finish two novels, and [...]

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