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Maybe I Should Start This Again

I’ve missed it. Last post was 2 years ago and I love spewing.

St. Patrick’s 2012

My friend posted this link to her Facebook a couple of days ago. I read it through and completely loved it. The first time I heard the term “Irish car bomb” used as a drink name, I was a little stunned something so real could be used by frat boys and their hangers on as [...]

I Did Something Stupid

Hey, I thought I was doing something great and ended up screwing up my theme by updating it. It looks like I lost all the customizations I had made in it. I have reverted to an old theme of mine in the meantime. I suck. This will take a very long time to fix. If [...]

I Lowered the Baby Into the Water…

… and gave the basket a push. I’m backing out early before it burrows in any deeper.

One Rainy Day in August

It hasn’t rained much all summer. It did today. I realized two things: You cannot be responsible for the thoughts and motivations of other people and you cannot keep making excuses for them. I rediscovered U2′s “Stay”. That band’s best songs are never their most popular. For now, that is all.

Here Comes the Summer

Good-bye, world. Good-bye, neighborhood cafes and boutiques and citywide events. Good-bye, friends. In mere days, the critters will be out of school and all of us will be there as days turn into nights and then back into days, putting all the little broken Humpty-Dumptys back together again. The one upside? free AC as the [...]


It never ceases to amaze me how surprised people are that it snows in January in the northern latitudes. On a day in which a French child reminded me of the Three Kings Day and in which I took down the Christmas decorations at work, it’s a week into January. I am deep in the [...]

Happy Christmas

And just like that, it’s Christmas again. The run-up always catches me by surprise. I leave tomorrow to try to get to the other coast without too many problems. Hopefully, the union-wracked, lazy, inefficient East has gotten its fair share of snow and I won’t have many problems. I’ll be off the radar until I [...]

Up All Night

I wish I could write “out all night”. It would be so way more interesting. But it’s quite the opposite. I’m on the verge of finishing this thing around furious Christmas shopping. I can’t stop. I slept maybe an hour and a half before I was up again with buzzing scenarios both for Christmas Eve [...]


I’ve just written 40,000 in less than two weeks, and this is not counting work days. My eyes are about to burn out of my head. I’m on the other side of the hill now. It would be nice to finish by Christmas.

What My Facebook Status Should Be, pt. 2

“trying to keep the plot from twisting.” Now he’s gone and disappeared and I have no idea why. He either got a message with a clue and had to chase it down, or he had to go meet someone, or he’s hiding from them (why?), or something HAS HAPPENED TO HIM. But that wasn’t supposed [...]

What My Facebook Status Should Be

Unfortunately, a lot of people from work are my erstwhile Friends. I subscribe to keeping worlds separated and I really can’t deal with too many strange questions about what in God’s name my status means. I wanted to write the following in just now: “just hit 50,000 words. I feel accomplished. Oh, yeah, I have [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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