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Weekend Reckoning

In this bizarre warm spell in the first full weekend of the new year, I felt the strange need to spring clean. Instead of doing the new budget. Probably seeing some people in town in t-shirts outdoors in January probably put me over the edge. If we thought last summer was a bad roach season, [...]

Rites of Spring

Finally, a full day of spring descended upon my reality that’s been fraught with seemingly endless problems, often of my own creation. The above picture isn’t even from this weekend, but the one two before when the sun shone but I had been sleeping on the couch and was exhausted thanks to the Flood and [...]

Spring Cleaning List

What I did this weekend: Hung art in the bathroom. Cleaned the bathroom in its entirety. Changed out the makeup and cleaned the cart. Cleaned the oven. Changed the bed linen to the spring collection and washed and stored the fall linen. Vacuumed thoroughly. Cleaned beneath the steps and changed the storage situation of the [...]

Michelangelo Was Here

The bathroom needs to be finished Monday. I can’t believe how happy I am with the paint color.

Spring Cleaning in the Winter

This is a great time of the year to make all kinds of home purchases since things are on sale. unfortunately, last year was punctuated by a death in the family, a stressful real estate deal, and general exhaustion. I felt I couldn’t spend any more money (just the act of buying anything at all [...]


You know that apartment cure I was supposed to do? Well, I didn’t get past the first week. I just can’t get going. Whenever I think I may finally have my head above water, something happens to pull me under the surf again. I think what derailed the Cure was that I couldn’t get the [...]

The Cure

I’m not the touchy-feely type. I generally believe in very little and like things done in a rational, logical way. I’ve been prowling a lot, lately, in a blind dash for ideas on what to do with this place that cost me so much peace of mind and a sizable chunk of my take-home [...]

The Thaw

I went to bed last night with the sidewalks still covered with ice and the rain gutters packed with slush while a brutal wind froze everything in its path. This morning, the ice was gone, the air smelled like rain and sunlight flooded my apartment. It’s beginning to thaw. Surely, it’s still early in the [...]

On Bush’s Last Day In Office

It snowed in Philadelphia. I didn’t take any pictures. It’s been a long, long time since I used my real camera. I’ve only used my small one, and even then halfheartedly. I’m so tired. No one really gets just how tired I am. This is why I don’t call, am mad at you for calling [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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