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Dear Economy

Your life depends on the consumers’ shopping habits. I am a consumer; an undecided, maximalist, opinionated one but most importantly one who never overspends and is not broke, a rarity these days. Your life is dependent on my shopping habits. I’d like to shop more, really I would. Right now, at this very moment, there [...]

My Apartment Smells Like Spain

I really have no time left to be able to do this lately. Where did all the time go? Settling in, for one, but I think the chief culprit is Facebook. It’s just so easy to maintain. But I do still love this site, it’s even occupying a spot on my new budget for 2009. [...]

October Surprise

It’s supposed to work in this way: You have a goal. You work to get that goal. You save your money and never spend a dime more than you can afford. You do all the research. You do more than friends and well-wishers suggest you do. With this much time and energy involved, you shouldn’t [...]

Other Corners You Shouldn’t Cut

It’s no secret a lot of people are going through rough times right now, myself included. I read this great article on one of my new favorite websites and decided to list five things I can’t cut out of the budget, no matter what. I can’t be so humorous as Klein since I’m not really [...]

Under Contract

I’ve meant to write about this for a few days but I’m so busy, that I’ve treasured any moment of downtime and have staggered into bed as soon as I’ve been able. The seller has signed the agreement of sale and now I have ten days from that time (including the weekend) to clear contingencies. [...]

It’s The End of The Summer

And it couldn’t have come more quickly. In hindsight, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. High humidity, insufferably sticky days were at a minimum. It’s been like May for over a week now. The insane hours helped my home-buying goal since I cleared enough to comfortable move as well as have all [...]

Lo Che Non Si Puo Fare, Non Si Fa

I’ve just e-mailed my realtor and have told him I’m ready to put in an offer on that loft. It’s an airy 700-footer in one of the hippest parts of town with great windows and great light and it looks out onto the bridge and river. It’s priced far too high for me, especially combined [...]

Has My Hair Gone Grey Yet?

It feels like it should at least be streaked. August is halfway through. I’ve been told it’s the best time to get a deal. I need a deal in this expensive city. But we’ve seen everything that’s listed. I love one flat, not sure about the neighborhood. There will be more things after Labor Day, [...]

The Top Three

This past Tuesday, my realtor and I finally went to look at what’s on the market. I met him at a place after work and then he took me around from there. We saw ten properties and out of the ten, i had a more or less clearly delineated top three. They’re different types of [...]

The Three Percent Solution

I met with the first of a small handful of realtors today. I realize I’m the one interviewing them for a job but it doesn’t make me any less nervous. I’m a fish out of water with this whole thing and people who know me wouldn’t recognize me in situations like this. I’m one of [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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