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Weekend Reckoning

Posted By U2Literary On 1.8.2012 @ 5:35 pm In Domicile,Food,Life | No Comments

In this bizarre warm spell in the first full weekend of the new year, I felt the strange need to spring clean. Instead of doing the new budget. Probably seeing some people in town in t-shirts outdoors in January probably put me over the edge. If we thought last summer was a bad roach season, this coming summer will be unbearable. I decided to houseclean and make some stuff.

I counted eight different kinds of flour, EIGHT. They are:

    Garbanzo Bean
    White rice

And I even own wheat germ which doesn’t actually count as a flour but it needs to be baked rather than eaten.

The bananas in the freezer were also threatening to stage a revolt. Clearly, something needed to happen. I had made a lentil and hot italian sausage soup earlier in the weekend, it’s hot and satisfying and will feed me all week. But then seeing all the overages, I needed to do something. I made banana bread with the last of the dates and a ton of walnuts, pizza dough, and rice pudding with plums and orange peel in the absence of raisins. The new vegetables will undergo a quick prep later, maybe tomorrow. When I complain of not having any food in the house, I need to come back and read this post, even if I needed onions something desperate since I had actually run out.

Now back to reading… even if it isn’t cold enough to really love my time indoors.

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