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There’s A Storm Front Coming

I’m hunkered down in my living room in a midrise condo building watching the Valerie Plame movie Fair Game. I’m hoping the power doesn’t die, they’re saying it could take days to get it back. Days?! What will I do without my Internet? So I’m charging my portable devices and planning to use them in order, turning off the wifi to get me through. It should be a plan to hold out for a week. I used to have a wireless keyboard so I have more AA batteries than you can rain ten inches at.

In the end, we’ll just have to see what happens. What I’m most afraid of is my one Window That Never Closes will leak into my pristine bedroom. The next most frightening thing are the rodents and roaches that may invade buildings as they run to high ground. And I have to go to work Monday no matter what. The Evil Empire has all but threatened me with my job. I hate their nannering emails, as if employees were children to be controlled rather than professionals to be inspired. Damn them.

In the mean time, I have movies, red wine, and dozens of books, candles, crackers, flashlights and a tub full of water.

Of the natural disasters, even with my fear of deep water, earthquakes still win due to their sheer unpredictability. Cheers, East Coast. Drink up.

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