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I went to see the last Harry Potter today. I can’t believe it’s over. The movie is almost entirely a climax and loose ends get tied up and suspicions explained. It was short, though, and I don’t think many people would have minded if it were 30 minutes longer.

The 1300 show was the 3D, so I went to that one, not so much because it was 3D but because it started earlier and I didn’t want to wait another half hour. Maybe if I had read Roger Ebert’s review first, I would have waited for the regular version. Regardless, I paid $12 and it’s a sign of how rarely I go to the movies that it wasn’t until I read his review this afternoon that $12 was kind of expensive, wasn’t it.

It’s a glorious close and I’m glad they haven’t dumbed down such a complicated story too much. Even the wand ownership thing (which I also was confusing in the book) made it in there. A few well-placed lines explained everything. I may have to read this book again just to figure out if Harry does have to break into Ravenclaw Tower or if I just made that part up. And didn’t the Baron kill the Grey Lady in real life, before they were ghosts? Wasn’t there something there, too?

Anyway, nice job, all. I still hate the epilogue, though. I hated it in the book and I hate it even more to *see* everyone, who is still obviously just out of teenage, parenting. I see hair and clothes haven’t changed in nearly two decades. Ugh. In future, I won’t sit right to the end.

BTW, the Batman trailer is exciting :)

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