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Fade Out Again

Posted By U2Literary On 2.6.2011 @ 7:19 pm In Tunes | 2 Comments

It’s been cold and wet and despairing around here. So, lately I’ve been a shut-in because I don’t feel like putting on 3 lbs. of clothes that will subsequently get wet and gross. One of the things I’ve been doing with my time indoors other than wasting it is making playlists in iTunes. It’s a noble endeavor. In the sorting through GB of files, I’ve come to the conclusion that really great start to finish albums are rare and becoming more and more rare. Of m collection, there are only a few I can listen to from start to finish and back and not get even a bit impatient during it at all, given my brain-on-iPod state of being. These are those albums:

  1. Achtung Baby– U2
  2. Hot Fuss– The Killers
  3. Free All Angels– Ash
  4. A Rush of Blood To The Head– Coldplay
  5. The Bends– Radiohead
  6. OK Computer– Radiohead (…uh, yeah, I hardly listen to them because they’re depressing but these guys are that good)

I pick and choose with the rest depending on my mood, need, the state of the world, etc. But skipping through a track on one of these is like drowning a baby.

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