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Fade Out Again

It’s been cold and wet and despairing around here. So, lately I’ve been a shut-in because I don’t feel like putting on 3 lbs. of clothes that will subsequently get wet and gross. One of the things I’ve been doing with my time indoors other than wasting it is making playlists in iTunes. It’s a noble endeavor. In the sorting through GB of files, I’ve come to the conclusion that really great start to finish albums are rare and becoming more and more rare. Of m collection, there are only a few I can listen to from start to finish and back and not get even a bit impatient during it at all, given my brain-on-iPod state of being. These are those albums:

  1. Achtung Baby– U2
  2. Hot Fuss– The Killers
  3. Free All Angels– Ash
  4. A Rush of Blood To The Head– Coldplay
  5. The Bends– Radiohead
  6. OK Computer– Radiohead (…uh, yeah, I hardly listen to them because they’re depressing but these guys are that good)

I pick and choose with the rest depending on my mood, need, the state of the world, etc. But skipping through a track on one of these is like drowning a baby.

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  1. 1

    Even shuffling Achtung Baby feels wrong – tried it last week, and no, not a good idea….

  2. 2

    It astounds me… I recently made a list of top 5 albums… the main criteria being that I could listen to them from start to finish without being bored or wanting to skip a track, class albums I love… and what astounds me is that three of them feature in your list… my top three in fact… Achtung Baby, Rush of Blood to the Head and The Bends. Simply awesome and I commend you on your taste. These albums also are so deep that I am transported somewhere else entirely. Fantastic stuff :)

    PS The other two in my top 5 are James’ Seven and Live’s Throwing Copper.

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