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The summer is winding down and I can’t wait for it to end. I’ve been working lawyer’s hours and am utterly exhausted. The cool of the fall won’t bring much relief thanks to the continuing baby boom, though it sounds like the hospital will finally give way and agree to pay us a little more for the incredible weight of being badly understaffed. So how am I at the end of yet another grueling season?

The Economy: The overtime pays, and I have miraculously resisted rewarding myself with out of the budget things to “reward” myself. It helps that I’m utterly exhausted. It also helps that I still don’t see the point of spending a lot on summer clothes and the iPad is monstrously overpriced. Also, I can’t put six-figure debt quite out of my mind and a paint job looms as soon as it gets cooler.

The Home Front: As alluded to above, the paint will come in with the orange leaves of the fall. I’m still on the board and we still are dealing with our non due paying neighbor. The special assessment has been collected and the plans for other work has been shared with the other owners. People haven’t beaten down my door with rotten vegetables yet. On a negative note, they closed my hardware store!

Education: I sez im happy to be dum.

Entertainment: I don’t have U2 tickets for next year’s show, or any other and I don’t much care. I had my share of garish rock concerts and the great, great lengths people will go to to be up close. I’m glad I did what I did but I have no wish of ever doing that again. Wine and cheese nights have slowly occurred. I wish I could have more of them.

The Kitchen: Stagnant. I eat a lot of omelets, rice dishes, and pasta. I realize I need to lay off the carbs. I’m too tired, really. The Fourth of July was the last time I really made anything great that wasn’t sweet. See above.

The Wild Card: Why do I get myself into these situations? Actually, I’m playing it really cool since I don’t know if it’s one of those situations or not. I hate repeats. I talk tough but I’m really just a stupid girl.

Panic Point: Bedbugs! I’m terrified of them mostly because how on my own I would be to go through the ordeal of getting rid of them. I’d rather have roaches. There, I said it, and I hate those motherf***ers.

Stuff: Another purge planned for the fall. Some of my things are showing their age badly. Out they go.

Looking Forward to: Turkey! It’s worth the bedbug risk. Struggling through Orhan Pamuk’s Snow and a tiny language primer.

And that, is the state of the union. Back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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