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The Madness Over Tipping

Posted By U2Literary On 6.3.2010 @ 8:14 pm In Rant | No Comments

If I had the original link, I would post it but this is a blog I’ve been reading lately so I’ll be lazy and post the repost [1].

The beginning of the article seems obvious but then gets more ridiculous as it gets closer to the end. While I’m not an undertipper at restaurants and salons and spas, when I read a diatribe about it, something feels off to me. As I read more of it, I can’t help feeling more and more resentful of the numerous outstretched hands who “deserve” these tips so they earn a living wage. Most service in this city is utter crap and I hate when people in the service industry or their apologists wax long-winded and moral about the issue. Suddenly, I feel like there’s a target painted more and more brightly on my forehead. “Tip us or we’ll poison you, even if we’re mean jerks who act like we own the place even if we can’t afford to eat here.”

Hey, your profession is your choice. It’s not my fault you’re underpaid. Hell, I’m underpaid and my job is harder, riskier, and exponentially more dangerous than you can imagine. I don’t get tips, nor would I ever accept one. An old lady once tried. She was sweet but part of me couldn’t help smarting a little at the gesture. What did she think I was, a fucking waitress?!?!

Tipping in a restaurant is one thing but expecting people to tip their building super is quite another. Sanity, please.

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