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It’ been a while. I used to write brief reactions to current news stories on this blog but then fell out of doing it. I really don’t know why. There have been a few things the last few weeks. Consider this a quick spring cleaning of things that have been building up.

  • The Lost Finale: This show was superlative for one season, good for two, and then nearly unwatchable for the rest. The story lines became more and more labyrintine until it was obvious it had gotten out of the writers’ control. Number one rule of fiction is to stay in control of the story! I kept watching it, though, in the unrequited hopes that it would get better or that it would suddenly all make sense. I abhor time travel and I nearly hated the show when it was added on as yet another feature in the laundry list of weird things that kept appearing. Weird is good, time travel is ridiculous. Ridiculous is never good. I watched the finale, though, glad it was ending. At first, I thought it was all just pointless since everyone had been dead all along. Talk about uber cop-out. But then I rethought it and it made more sense. If it was Jack who died and the so-called other reality was all just because of his creation, then it makes more sense. The others could have lived years after he saved them and the church scene is a place out of time altogether. Then, it makes more sense and it’s almost good. Thanks for two great seasons but special thanks for finally ending it.
  • Apple tops Microsoft: Check this one out. Here’s one to those who gave you up for dead. Here’s one for underdogs everywhere. Creativity tops simple profit every time.
  • U2 Tour: Feel better, babe. It makes me glad I didn’t bother to get tickets. I just wasn’t in the frame of mind at the time. Maybe when they’ll reschedule, they’ll get the memo that Philly in the summer is a shortcut to suicide… or homicide. Whichever. It’s already 90 today and it’s freakin’ May for godssake!

I realize there’s an oil spill. I can say nothing about it. It makes me too sick.

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