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Sometimes I wonder if I just grew up in a weird place, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I will be hosting a Spring Fling this coming weekend and have had some things pop up that I thought were common knowledge. It’s inspired me to write down what I expect as far as invitations are concerned.

  • Don’t bring food if you’re not asked to bring it. It’s an unspoken vote against the cooking of the host as if you don’t think you’ll like anything. If the event is a potluck type thing, then, yes, bring what the host asks you to bring. It’s never wrong to offer but it’s wrong to insist. If you are expressedly asked to not bring anything, bring a hostess gift like a bottle of wine or flowers or a box of cookies and understand its for the use of the host as a Thank You for the invite. Don’t expect it to be opened during the event itself.
  • If it is a potluck affair and you have brought something, don’t take it with you at the end unless you are asked to do so. If you brought it, you’ve brought it. Don’t start packing up leftovers unless you are encouraged to do so.
  • Don’t fling your shoes off unless you are asked to do so. Don’t wear dirty shoes that will track mud into the home. I hate to have people take their shoes off in my house. Some people like people to take them off. Abide by what the host asks you to do. To assume and subject others to your habits are their house is absolutely rude.
  • Don’t get drunk. If you do, arrange your own ride.
  • Unless you will anaphylax, eat what’s served to you especially at a dinner party. I don’t care how bad the cooking is.
  • Don’t bring people who haven’t been invited. Don’t invite people the host hasn’t invited. There are reasons to have curtailed invite lists. At your party you can invite whoever you want, but not at someone else’s. It’s perfectly okay to call and ask if you can bring your sister who dropped in on you that weekend unexpectedly.

I don’t think I’m out of line. I hate how rude we’ve gotten as a society.

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