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Oh, The Places I Could Go


I haven’t had a proper vacation since last October. I’ve had a few days away from work but they went to things like a brief trip home for the holidays and then I spent my birthday weekend babysitting my mother. I need to get away. Thanks to staffing constraints, getting out from underneath at work has become incredibly difficult. I missed all the deadlines for requesting time off in the spring. I have a long weekend coming up in May that I requested just as a laugh because I had signed up to take some class. Other than that, that’s it. I also opted to take a week in the summer when I usually don’t. I just knew I wouldn’t make it out alive if I didn’t take that week when offered.

I’ve spent the last few weeks maniacally trying to shoehorn some kind of a vacation into those two slots. The times cannot change. They are sure and inviolate. But the options keep changing. For the weekend in May, I wanted to go up to Montreal and bundle that with a visit to a friend I haven’t seen in a while. It turns out that friend will be working that weekend and cannot get away. Darn hospital people. So, I guess Montreal is out because it would be callous of me to plan it knowing that the friend will be working and will be unable to get out to spend time. Where else can I go for a couple of days that wouldn’t cost too much? Europe may be too expensive for such a quick trip. The cost of the ticket alone is so onerous, that I’d be better off only buying it if I plan to stay for a long time. So maybe Canada in June since I know better not to go to Europe in the summer, no matter how much it beckons.

So what about May? Hawaii would be perfect but it’s so far away from this coast. Vegas is trashy. Miami is too humid and too full of posers. DC can be done in a day. Atlanta bores me. Boston… I used to live there. Manhattan can be done in a weekend and since the bedbug problem exploded, I think twice before getting a hotel room there. The Midwest could sink beneath the Earth and I wouldn’t care. Texas is crazy. It may be too warm and hurricaney for the Caribbean. So where? Where to go?

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