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Whilst looking at a colleague’s blog today that featured her crafts etc, I let slip that I also maintained a blog. But no, I can’t give out the URL. So that was a cop out and I’m sorry I said anything at all, but I’m not willing to get fired if this place should be found. I don’t care who reads it and I don’t care who knows me, but I can’t let work people put the two and two together. I can’t get fired for something that stupid. Courts have repeatedly come down on the side of the employer and upheld the decision to fire the troublemaker. I will not censor myself, but I can’t have it freely known where I rant on about the Evil Empire. I already get bad job evals from the Equine. I don’t need it to get worse. Pretty soon, I’ll be paying them to work there as it is.

For the hopefully uninformed, the Constitution does not protect “freedom of speech”. It upholds “freedom of the press”. I am not the press and my words etc can be construed as defamation etc since I don’t have a mandate to communicate news or opinion onto the news. I’m just a lone wolf howling in the desert.

P.S. The Constitution also does not uphold anything about this so-called right to privacy. That’s only a tradition, not a judicially guaranteed right. So, stop invoking it.

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