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The Rules

Sometimes I wonder if I just grew up in a weird place, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I will be hosting a Spring Fling this coming weekend and have had some things pop up that I thought were common knowledge. It’s inspired me to write down what I [...]

Mind Your Own Business

Yesterday, I was at the market getting new spring produce since I’m tired of eating sweet potatoes and kale. Excited with the coming season, I had picked up some ramps and strawberries and spring onions. I was hunched over the mushroom basket taking my pick of the newest morels. I only wanted a few, for [...]

Oh, The Places I Could Go

I haven’t had a proper vacation since last October. I’ve had a few days away from work but they went to things like a brief trip home for the holidays and then I spent my birthday weekend babysitting my mother. I need to get away. Thanks to staffing constraints, getting out from underneath at work [...]

This Stays Anonymous

Whilst looking at a colleague’s blog today that featured her crafts etc, I let slip that I also maintained a blog. But no, I can’t give out the URL. So that was a cop out and I’m sorry I said anything at all, but I’m not willing to get fired if this place should be [...]

It’s Spring Now

I need to get Aperture 3. The way things are currently, everything is named so confusingly that it’s hard to find a picture. I admit that it’s entirely my fault since I didn’t bother to read the manual when I started using it and so it snowballed from there. Does it have a portal to [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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