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Spring Cleaning in the Winter

My new chair whose delivery caused so much worry.

This is a great time of the year to make all kinds of home purchases since things are on sale. unfortunately, last year was punctuated by a death in the family, a stressful real estate deal, and general exhaustion. I felt I couldn’t spend any more money (just the act of buying anything at all costs tens of thousands of dollars, not counting the down payment). Also, I was so mentally exhausted, I couldn’t make any rational decisions about more things, especially things that would be costly. Anything involving work on a home is costly.

This year, though, I’m ready to do something and I can finally make rational decisions. My first move was to get rid of the oversized, out of fashion lounge chair I had. I saw this Delia chair on Room and Board’s end of year sale it was the exact same chair I had loved since the previous spring, in just the fabric I wanted. I bought it. After a lot of rescheduling thanks to my insane work realities, I finally got it delivered and had my other chair picked up by a local charity. It looks amazing with my throw pillow I got years ago at the old Matthew Izzo (that place is a local business but I hate everything they stock these days).

The painter comes tomorrow for an estimate of just the bedroom and bathroom. If I like her work, I’ll have her do the rest of the apartment. Slowly things get done and when a lot of money and big changes are on the hook, slowly is probably best. I’m one of those people who has a clear idea of what I want and I cannot and will not accept anything but that. That’s why it takes me so long to arrive at a decision. Hey, I hate it, too. But I can’t make excuses or apologies for being hard to please.

Next up:

  • Get my spices organized
  • Fix the files
  • Change the bedroom closet doors
  • Hang the Montmarte picture in the bedroom

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