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How I Spent A Snow Day

Posted By U2Literary On 12.19.2009 @ 7:37 pm In Life,Shutterbug | 1 Comment

Snow Day

Well, the weathermen were finally right [1]. I’m glad for them. They can keep their jobs now and with the constant bloodletting in the latest business news, I’m happy when anyone anywhere keeps their jobs, even if it’s weathermen, a subgroup of some of the shallowest people on Earth.

I was on call today but I think the storm may have saved my bacon. No surgeon was coming in from the suburbs unless it really was an emergency and the likelihood of those happening in a storm are much smaller than they are in good weather. So how did I spend my day? Well, I read a chapter of my latest how-to book [2], read a few chapters of the mind-blowing Brothers Karamazov, watched TV, researched Christmas Eve dinner, made crespelle, and spent half the day with Andrea Bocelli. All in all, it was a good day. I printed out my latest novel and wrapped it so I won’t be tempted to look at it before Christmas Day. Later on as the evening began, I went out to my neighborhood restaurant to buy bread and a protein and then my corner store to get milk with which to make the crespelle and the hot cocoa I plan on drinking tonight.

As I write this and sip beaujolais nouveau, I have arrived to a conclusion or two: I have to write a sequel and use the scene that’s been killing me this past week (even if I hate sequels), true emergency cases are rare and I get my ass called in for stuff that really doesn’t need to go, people may lecture on and on about how to write a great novel and yet I have never heard of their work (see the link above). Is it more important to be known or be true to some kind of fuzzy ideal? I think art has to be accessible and you can labor in your garret forever on writing a “great” novel or you can allow yourself to have fun with it. People need distractions and art should never be so far away that only a few anointed people can appreciate it. There is only one Dostoyevsky every century (if that), don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re it or that anyone should be. This is a paralyzing ideal.

Luciano Pavarotti was the voice of God, like a volcano or a coming storm. Andrea Bocelli is more accessible and I love him. That’s all. I was struck by a falling bunch of snow by the passing PATCO train and I should go lie down. I’m confused…

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