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90 Grand

I hit 90,000 words today. When I posted that thing yesterday, I had no idea how much I had left to go. That, plus a furious dry spell left me hobbling along word after word to reach the 90,000 plateau. It was a big chapter and now I will hopefully coast to the climax and denouement that I have been planning for nearly two months. Characters have sprouted all kinds of possibilities and the story itself has grown heads, but I’ve managed to keep it all together and this will be a ripping yarn yet.

I missed the local NaNo chapter’s Thank God It’s Over party today (though the weather helped) to push through this last part. Since NaNo officially ended the night of 30 November, I had no idea how much I missed the word counter. It kept me honest and seeing progress in something as tangible as word count gave me something to work towards.

My coffee shop is awesome even if they only take cash and my Canadian boots are holding up to their billing. I didn’t go to Sephora today and I have very little recollection of any events in real life, but I suspect it was a good day.

Oh, and I like my new phone even though it doesn’t have automatic word guessing when you text someone.

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