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Philly Owns New York

I guess Apple isn’t the only American company making money. Comcast must have a stash up its sleeve in spite of abysmal service (another symptom of Americans’ addiction on television and mindless entertainment). Comcast just bought NBC. I almost enjoyed finding a New York-based source for the story. In essence, Comcast now owns Rockefeller Center. After the Iron Chef victory for Jose Garces over New York’s Mehta, we’re on a roll. It’s an old rivalry. As much as I like living in this irascible, brisk, moderately affordable, culinary paradise, I wish we did have some things New York has such as the MTA over SEPTA (boo!) and the Village. There was no World Series victory, but Philadelphians agree the better team won, adding the championship was bought and the Phillies are a “real” team. Personally, I’ll take the Iron Chef victory.

In other news, the matchups for the FIFA World Cup were made today. Six months is a long time to wait. I enjoy when the article states “Anything short will be considered a major disappointment.” when referring to the USA team’s expectations to advance to the second round. I’ll be watching the usuals: Argentina, Spain, and Italy.

In still other news, I have yet to eat a Tim Tam and I expect to break 90,000 tonight or early tomorrow.

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