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The Decade From Hell

Since I think time is circular and just an attempt for humanity to cut it up into chunks the better to administer everyday life, I’ve never taken the New Year’s holiday seriously. But I’m all for parties and am quick to agree that humanity needs diversions in order to cope with the harshness of reality [...]

Happy Christmas

And just like that, it’s Christmas again. The run-up always catches me by surprise. I leave tomorrow to try to get to the other coast without too many problems. Hopefully, the union-wracked, lazy, inefficient East has gotten its fair share of snow and I won’t have many problems. I’ll be off the radar until I [...]

How I Spent A Snow Day

Well, the weathermen were finally right. I’m glad for them. They can keep their jobs now and with the constant bloodletting in the latest business news, I’m happy when anyone anywhere keeps their jobs, even if it’s weathermen, a subgroup of some of the shallowest people on Earth. I was on call today but I [...]

This Is How It Ends

This is why I have never attempted to publish anything before. This is why I have huge boxes of things I wrote that will never see the light of day. I don’t know if I could deal with the heartbreak… and by heartbreak I don’t mean the rejection of publishers. I can’t deal with it [...]

Up All Night

I wish I could write “out all night”. It would be so way more interesting. But it’s quite the opposite. I’m on the verge of finishing this thing around furious Christmas shopping. I can’t stop. I slept maybe an hour and a half before I was up again with buzzing scenarios both for Christmas Eve [...]

New Headers

It’s been since last August that I have added new headers to the blog. That is, since I adopted the new template. The new headers (there are four) are from Buenos Aires, which joins Paris, Barcelona, Naples, Positano, and Philadelphia as the cities which have been memorialized in the header since the blog’s inception. The [...]

90 Grand

I hit 90,000 words today. When I posted that thing yesterday, I had no idea how much I had left to go. That, plus a furious dry spell left me hobbling along word after word to reach the 90,000 plateau. It was a big chapter and now I will hopefully coast to the climax and [...]

Philly Owns New York

I guess Apple isn’t the only American company making money. Comcast must have a stash up its sleeve in spite of abysmal service (another symptom of Americans’ addiction on television and mindless entertainment). Comcast just bought NBC. I almost enjoyed finding a New York-based source for the story. In essence, Comcast now owns Rockefeller Center. [...]

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