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I Just Cracked Myself Up

Since it’s almost a year since the worst/ craziest fall in my life, I’ve been reading some of my blog posts from that era. It seems so long ago. Writing about things is a great way to let off steam and that’s what I did through those incredibly stressful, bleak days. Now I know that it’s been long enough (or the masseuse I had today really was that incredible) because I just read a particularly pissed off post and laughed. Outloud. InĀ  my kitchen. i’ve moved on. I can laugh about it now.

The post was about incredible rudeness, which I find still worthy of rage but my reaction to it was freakin’ precious. I wish to amend the post and wish swine flu onto them, though. Bird flu just doesn’t sound as bad.

In another example of rudeness, though, there was one today. I was sitting in a cafe after my massage writing the NaNo story when my phone rang. It freaked me out when I looked at the front and it said it was my workplace. I had switched with a girl to be off today for her to be off tomorrow and that panic that you may have done something wrong or the message miscarried coursed through me when I saw that. (It would have been weird for them to finally get that I wasn’t there at nearly 1600 but that panic never goes away.) It was a coworker wanting to know if I would be willing to trade a Monday for Wednesday next week or something. I’m glad I didn’t lose it but, I mean really… REALLY. Did you just freakin’ call me on my cellphone on my day off to find out about a switch?! Did you just do that? Send me an e-mail and wait in line like everyone else. Never, NEVER call me from work at home unless you’re dead, bitch.

In other news, I just ate some Amadei chocolate which the shop girl told me is being discontinued in the USA. Dang. At least I still have Michel Cruziel which I like even more anyway. But now at least I’ve tried it and it gives me yet another reason to want to return to Italy sooner rather than later.

And now, a snippet:

His phone rang again just as he was talking a breath to say something else. His face started to become a deeper shade of pink and he said nothing to her but stalked outside again to answer the phone. She watched him through the window and saw him waving his left hand with three fingers extended. Three calls. It was the same person all three times. He half turned towards her and Jeanne quickly looked away so he wouldn’t see her watching him.

A moment later, the meat arrived, still sizzling on the plain white plates. That was what he had been looking at. He said something into the phone, more than annoyed, angrily. Jeanne wished for a moment she could read lips but then realized she’d have to learn Italian first.

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    LOL – I want more!

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