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Maybe He Dies Of Yellow Fever!

Maybe it’s the SEPTA strike making me all pissed off and I do my best work when I’m angry about something. I’m just now last-minute researching the backstory and am deep in the creative melee. I may blow off the birthday party I’m supposed to go to in an hour. Soon, soon, I get to fake-revisit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tomorrow I plan to do nothing but work on this novel and hopefully have 20,000 words in by the end of the weekend. I’ve been vacillating because I wasn’t 100% on some details. But I had an a-ha moment today and am starting to make progress. I have to tell myself I can always change it later if it’s crap. It will not alter the novel much as it is.

This has to be done by early December or it will never be done, just like last year’s. I still feel there was a good story in last year’s NaNo story but it fell victim to a really crap year and my own personal stressors that didn’t lift until closer to now.

Thank you, Buenos Aires. People wonder why I didn’t more around more while I was there. I tell them it’s because I was shopping so much and I couldn’t bear to leave the city. While there is truth in that, I was also getting a story out of the clear blue sky and that takes some time to do. It was the perfect time. I wasn’t sleep-deprived, I wasn’t tired after work, I wasn’t stressed about stupid home things, I didn’t care what I ate or what I spent. Again, thank you, Buenos Aires.

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