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I’ve just written 40,000 in less than two weeks, and this is not counting work days. My eyes are about to burn out of my head. I’m on the other side of the hill now. It would be nice to finish by Christmas.

Hitting the Wall

On Thanksgiving Eve while trying desperately to keep myself and my coworkers from having to eat cafeteria food, I’m trying to add another 1000 words to my total that has seen minimal movement for nearly three days. I’m not having much luck. I don’t know what to do with them. Ideas spin through my head [...]

Who Said Philadelphia Was Ugly?

We not only have streets like this, but we also have the newest Iron Chef and five of his restaurants. And it’s a all a lot cheaper than the same in Manhattan.

What My Facebook Status Should Be, pt. 2

“trying to keep the plot from twisting.” Now he’s gone and disappeared and I have no idea why. He either got a message with a clue and had to chase it down, or he had to go meet someone, or he’s hiding from them (why?), or something HAS HAPPENED TO HIM. But that wasn’t supposed [...]

What My Facebook Status Should Be

Unfortunately, a lot of people from work are my erstwhile Friends. I subscribe to keeping worlds separated and I really can’t deal with too many strange questions about what in God’s name my status means. I wanted to write the following in just now: “just hit 50,000 words. I feel accomplished. Oh, yeah, I have [...]

I Just Cracked Myself Up

Since it’s almost a year since the worst/ craziest fall in my life, I’ve been reading some of my blog posts from that era. It seems so long ago. Writing about things is a great way to let off steam and that’s what I did through those incredibly stressful, bleak days. Now I know that [...]

Of Last Meals and Chocolate

Why do I fight sleep? Though I have tomorrow off, I’m not off the hook for the rest of the week and still have to workk two 12-hour shifts on Thursday and Friday. So what am I doing yawning yet still flipping through my browser’s tabs trying to find some article I haven’t read yet? [...]


I am just shy of 35,000 right now and fully intend to round out the number before I stagger off to bed tonight, even if the story is at a good stopping point right now and 33+ words won’t leave it anywhere more interesting. As I think I’ve said before, this is my first attempt [...]

My List

Before my eyeballs burn to smithereens from sitting in front of the computer all day, I am making a list of annoying things for the week: I have the distinct feeling that I’m writing crap. I’m moving along with plot, but the word choice and the sheer musicality of language is suffering. I also wish [...]

Maybe He Dies Of Yellow Fever!

Maybe it’s the SEPTA strike making me all pissed off and I do my best work when I’m angry about something. I’m just now last-minute researching the backstory and am deep in the creative melee. I may blow off the birthday party I’m supposed to go to in an hour. Soon, soon, I get to [...]

Enter The Male Lead

I laughed outloud today, right there in my dining perch. Though I traveled a total of three city blocks today, I wrote about 3000 words. Consider the stage nearly completely set. Only one more character needs to be seen in real time (he’s only been spoken about) and he’s a costar. The male lead just [...]

Here We Go Again

Well, it’s November. You know what that means. I have to work Thanksgiving, the bad shift. I’ll be in my condo a year. And it’s NaNoWriMo, that nerve-wracking, life-altering odyssey to write a book in a month. Writing a good one is optional. Writing a bad one is nearly unavoidable. Last year, I wrote 70,000 [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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