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I Don’t Want To Leave

Why is it that on the last week of any trip, I start to obsess about leaving? I have nothing to be late to (other than the flight) and I have nothing left to plan (other than the transfer). Why do I waste my time obsessing about this ending?

I thought I’d be able to just hop over to Uruguay today but I got there too late so I just bought tickets for tomorrow instead. It’s my attempt to see another country and another city with nice architecture and get out of the city. Though Buenis Aires is a shockingly beautiful city, I need to stop shopping and eating and do some more sightseeing before I leave. I already know I’ve missed all opportunities to go to Iguazu falls. I didn’t have a burning desire anyway. Mendoza would have been cool, but I’m glad I saw Buenos Aires as well as I did. The city is worth it. Rushing through would gave been heartbreaking. And the slow pace has granted me a new NaNoWriMo story on top of it though I can’t start actually writing until November.

All the great stuff I’ve bought will make everyone so jealous back home. I can hardly wait to wear that new coat out. I got it on sale because Argentine winter is over, but it’s right on time for Philadelphia autumn. All I need are boots. I’ve had a hard time finding shoes since I don’t want or need more sandals and let’s just say there aren’t many 41s in town. Well, I have the same problem at home hence Zappos has become my exclusive shoe purveyor.

I’m going to miss this place but planning my next trip to Argentina will fill those upcoming days of bitter cold. And it’ll be nice to go to the gym again. I wonder how much I’ve packed on. That’s actually the one thing I’ve missed from home… besides the Daily Show (or my computer, take your pick) and Italian cheese.

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