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Stephen Colbert Nails It

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Word – You-Genics Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Religion This is the heart of the problem and it took a comedian to get it right while both news outlets and ordinary people are still discussing health “insurance”. You can’t insure something you know [...]

The Macaroons I Didn’t Make

I hate to not follow up on something I had determined to do. I’ve been wanting to learn to make French-style macarons for ages. That was the recipe to make for this month’s Daring Bakers challenge. I had every intention of doing it, even if I was flying back from South America the day before [...]


I thought I’d take more pictures. I ended up not even using the third CF card I brought along. Oh, well.

The Last Day

The day before a vacation ends is both the longest and shortest day. How best to enjoy oneself to make an appropriate send off? What should one do that is the best thing to do given the circumstances. That’s me today. How do I enjoy my last day in BA before I leave tonight. Other [...]

I Don’t Want To Leave

Why is it that on the last week of any trip, I start to obsess about leaving? I have nothing to be late to (other than the flight) and I have nothing left to plan (other than the transfer). Why do I waste my time obsessing about this ending? I thought I’d be able to [...]

Things Not To Do When You Come To Buenos Aires

Not to be taken as a list of pluses or minuses for the city, this is just a list of things that are part of the unspoken rules of this place that will make it a better trip for all involved if they were followed. Some I wish were true everywhere, others I have found [...]

Alright, I Just Lost A Post

This isn’t the first time this has happened with this WordPress for iPod program. Beyond annoying. It’s not like it was this word of art, mind you, but I hate to waste time. I wrote it yesterday over lunch of gnocchi di semola. Those of you who know me know how much I hate to [...]

Possibly, Heaven

Have you ever heard the saying that you know you’re in heaven when the engineers are German and the cooks Italian, and you know you’re in hell if the opposite is true. Just that kind of splitting of work has occured here in Argentina. Buenos Aires is a city crafted by many hands. The architecture [...]

Lazy Sunday Morning

Last night, there was such a violent thunderstorm that the flowers on my porch have gotten all shaken up. It’s Sunday and I wanted to go to San Telmo, but it was still sprinkling earlier. It may be starting to clear up now, but it’s still too early to be out. This is why I [...]

The Other Melting Pot

I am situated in a nearly perfect location on the border between posh Recoleta and hip Palermo. A guy from the apartment rental company was here to greet me as promised. The apartment is a small but airy one bedroom that’s actually nicer than the pictures I saw online. It has just about everything I [...]

Tomorrow, Buenos Aires

It’s finally happening. Tomorrow, at 1530 EDT, I leave for Atlanta to get a plane to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have packed quickly and lightly. I’m taking the camera plus extra lens, but I have decided against taking the laptop. I have never traveled internationally with a laptop but I actually toyed with the thought [...]

The IOC Finally Includes the Fifth RIng

I had no idea the Olympic Games had never been held in South America. They’re a world sporting contest, aren’t they? How can an entire continent (of which there are only 5) have been ignored for so long? As much as I like Chicago and commend everyone for trying to get the Games there, I [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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