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Antonio Banderas Rocks

I never saw Evita when it came out a million years ago. It got panned by the critics and I remember Madonna singing a song from it at the Oscars. I saw it last weekend as part of my pre-Argentine education (I know it’s a movie and not accurate blah blah blah so save your [...]

I Decided on Buenos Aires

Some days ago, I posted a cryptic little comment on my Facebook page, “Buenos Aires or Madrid?” Clearly, I wasn’t asking people to decide for me but to communicate how I was torn just then. The next few days passed in getting the time off I had requested confirmed with the Fates (ie. the people [...]

The Great Bread Experiment

I am obsessed with saving money. I was always the kid who never spent her monetary Christmas gifts but put them in the bank of my own free will. While siblings and friends cavorted around with new trinkets, I went without. I never had a master plan, I just couldn’t bear the thought of spending [...]

What To Do On A Rainy Day

I think it rained for 28 of the 30 days of June. I don’t know what the stats are for July, but it had been drier, even though I’ve gotten soaked *to the skin* twice in the past three days. To add insult to injury, both times, I’ve gotten home, showered, changed into lounge wear, [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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