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You know that apartment cure I was supposed to do? Well, I didn’t get past the first week. I just can’t get going. Whenever I think I may finally have my head above water, something happens to pull me under the surf again. I think what derailed the Cure was that I couldn’t get the hardware store to stock what I needed to fill the tank in the bathroom. Thwarted at every turn. I just can’t get ahead. And I’m not alone in it. I’m tired of bad news, bad weather, bad health, bad everything.

Fortunately, for my apartment, Apartment Therapy has launched a public spring Cure based on the book. I signed up to do it though I may or may not participate in the posting of the photography. It takes too long. I have done things for the apartment, though, that are useful though not quite right with the pathway of the cure.

  • I found out the rules about the windows and have gotten references for possible workers.
  • I’m zeroing in on my paint colors.
  • I finally ordered counter stools.
  • I started on an outbox but the things in it have been in it for weeks.

One final thing that’s good: I have one more unit and one more final before I finish the next-to-the-last class. Once done, I will submit evidence to my employer and take the rest of the month OFF. It has completely eaten all my time. If I’m not working on it, I feel guilty for not working on it. I have also stopped watching the news.

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