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On Bush’s Last Day In Office

It snowed in Philadelphia. I didn’t take any pictures. It’s been a long, long time since I used my real camera. I’ve only used my small one, and even then halfheartedly. I’m so tired. No one really gets just how tired I am. This is why I don’t call, am mad at you for calling me, why I don’t answer e-mail or phone calls.

I’m horribly behind on my online lasses and so I took the laptop to the Starbucks at Macy’s today to try and get some work done, but their WiFi wasn’t working. Thwarted. So what did I do? I stimulated the economy.

I bought grey suede shoes. I wanted to buy shoes for work. I meant to, but these grey heels were so cute, I had to have them, especially since they were 50% off. I need to be more practical, though. I really should have bought shoes for work, or at the very least, winter-worthy shoes. But no, yet another pair I’ll rarely wear.

I did make some efforts towards my home comfort, though. I bought a new feather/ down pillow. Expensive, but at 50% off, it’s hard to pass up. I also got the 2 for 1 26″ Euro pillows for fun. I can use them as seating once I find the right shams. I passed on the blanket I may regret it. I’ll miss it in the spring.

Earlier this weekend, I hung my Ikea clothes hooks on my bedroom and bathroom doors. It was my first task for my power drill. I need to stop buying things I kind of need, though, and get what I really need even though the cost is more upfront.

Tonight, I’ll start gathering up all my info and start creating my home remodel book so I can have everything in one place, budget, swatches, everything. Stay tuned.

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