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My Apartment Smells Like Spain

I really have no time left to be able to do this lately. Where did all the time go? Settling in, for one, but I think the chief culprit is Facebook. It’s just so easy to maintain. But I do still love this site, it’s even occupying a spot on my new budget for 2009. But I digress…

I spent my day off cooking like a fiend. And it wasn’t easy stuff, either. I handrolled pizza dough, cut it out into mini-pizzas, brushed them with olive oil, sprinkled them with salt and baked them until crisp. Then I made patatera with an italian sausage, an extra I’d bought when I got the things for the lasagna, and subsequently topped the mini pizzas with the mixture for Spanish-style canapes. It made me add hot pimenton and agridulce pimenton to my list of “Gourmet Food to Buy”. I spend a fortune on food. There’s something to the news stories of why poor people in America are fat. Crap food is cheap, good stuff is not. Nearly a third of my monthly food budget goes to buying things like white truffle oil and bonito tuna rather than things you actually eat.

And I didn’t stop there. I won’t be taking these to work for the Christmas party tomorrow, but I made a beautiful tapa of red peppers. It took forever but that’s what I had for dinner on semi-stale bread.

Of course there must be a rant. There is always a rant. The first two hours of the day were spent getting my financial house in order. I wrote and mailed thank you notes disguised as Christmas cards to the key players in my recent domicile purchase. As long as I was doing that, I figured I may as well do all the financials I’ve been putting off because I can only deal with so much stress at once. 

  • Final 2009 budget typed and uploaded to Google docs
  • Condo fee, 2nd loan, and 1st loan full PITI paid to the prospective parties. 
  • Payment details gleaned for the two banks.
  • Bill Pay set up for the two banks with the information gleaned so I will no longer have to worry about buying something as quaint as stamps for the January and February payments.
  • Final phone bill paid and explained to be sure I won’t owe anyone anything.
  • Yearly condo insurance premium paid.
  • Ordered La Tienda stuff and mailed it to parents’ house.

There is a still a lot of things to be done, some in the next couple of days, more in the near future.

  • Pack.
  • Plan Christmas Eve dinner and upload information to iPod.
  • Get Bill Pay set up for condo fees. Mailing THREE checks a month is ludicrous. It took me forever this morning. If it keeps up, I’d have to quit my job just to get all the payments to all the right people when they need to have them. Writing a check feels about as foreign as etching cunieform into a mud tablet.

I’m enjoying the new kitchen. I have a lot of counter space and rolling out a full recipe of pizza dough that is normally enough for 4 smaller pizzas without having to move anything out of the way was a feat in itself. Nice unit. I can hardly wait to paint it orange. Yeah, ORANGE.

I realize this is a ramble. This is how much I care: 0.

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