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Ode to Optomists

I hate optimists. Rather, I hate smug, self-satisfied irrationals and optimists are irrational. Optimism is seeing “the good” when there is none. It’s sunny glasses blinding someone from what actually exists. Deny it if you like, but the truth will always out. You can’t solve problems if you refuse to examine and face them. By the same token, pessimists are irrational as well since they insist on seeing everything bleak, even when there isn’t a bleak. They see clouds in a cloudness sky and rain on a sunny day. Optimists? They see sun at night and blue sky through heavy rain clouds. Both are wrong. Both are ridiculous. They’ll both get wet or sunburned. No one really dares slander an optimist, though, so that’s why I’m leveling my changes against them tonight.

You know what bothers me most? The persistent seeing of the “the good” robs people of the praise they deserve. This world has been saved since time immemorial by the few who stood to fight and have it out and took it on the chin. People deserve the praise, no matter how scant or intangible, for the wars they wage every day. The deserve it. Give it to them, for godsake. No, it wasn’t fixed because it “wasn’t as bad as you thought”. It didn’t resolve of its own volition. Things didn’t just “work out”. Those are the euphemisms idiot optimists insist on shoving down everyone’s throats when disaster was averted because someone stood there and took it. Get your head out of your cloud and thank them. Or save your breath and shut up.

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