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Other Corners You Shouldn’t Cut

It’s no secret a lot of people are going through rough times right now, myself included. I read this great article on one of my new favorite websites and decided to list five things I can’t cut out of the budget, no matter what. I can’t be so humorous as Klein since I’m not really in the frame of mind to do it, but I appreciate people who keep on being so funny, because we need them.

1. Coffee houses: I adore going to coffee houses to write or sit or read. I don’t care that i can make my own coffee at home. It’s the full experience that counts. I won’t stop going to coffee houses if it’s the last thing I do. I may not order $4 mochas, but I’ll keep going.
2. iTunes purchases: Good music never wears out and it never gets old and everyone knows the best music is born of hardship. I can hardly wait for the new Killers album.
3. Sephora: It’s called the Lipstick Law– people will continue to indulge in little things, no matter how rough times get. I can’t wear most lipsticks but I adore Stila’s gloss and I just scored the new hot grey nail polish this afternoon. Finally.
4. Metropolitan Bakery: They’re awfully expensive and price hikes this year have just made it worse, but there’s nothing like their amazing Old European bread. I can’t make this at home and I won’t stop buying it. There’s nothing better to eat than crusty, Old World bread… even if that’s all you can afford to eat.
5. Netflix: I gave up my cable but I have to watch *something* and Netflix and Hulu help.

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