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Under Contract

I’ve meant to write about this for a few days but I’m so busy, that I’ve treasured any moment of downtime and have staggered into bed as soon as I’ve been able. The seller has signed the agreement of sale and now I have ten days from that time (including the weekend) to clear contingencies. I’ve never been busier in my life. I was all fired up this morning to write something but I needed to go to the market and get stuff (early is better) and then made applesauce (what a great scent) and then met a friend for lunch so by now I’ve lost more than half of that planned post.

In short:
1. When I’m right, I’m right and I hate to be ignored or blown off. I’m irate at the mortgage woman for not answering my questions when I asked them. It turns out I was right to be concerned. I hate when people don’t answer a question in one of my e-mails. With my work logistics, it is impossible for me to speak to a lot of people in person given their business hours. An e-mail to me is as good as a conversation in person! Don’t blow me off or ignore an e-mail question.
2. I need something to be resolved already. The constant stress is wearing me out. I’m not a particularly anxious person but this daily stress with having nothing still resolved is shaving away all my peace and stability and happiness. It’s sucking me dry and I have no peace of mind left. It’s intolerable.
3. Sarah Palin freaks me out. Her answer to what the vice president does at the debate in a nutshell encapsulates why this election is a big deal.
4. In contrast, I really liked Biden. I’ve never heard him speak before (I know) but he was very clear, very concise and backed everything he said with facts and figures and clarity. He was much easier to understand and even more transparent on the issues than Obama himself who I still feel is missing some paydirt. On the all-important question about the vice’s job, he was right on.
5. The bailout. I haven’t read any of the details. I’m embroiled in so much real estate crap that I haven’t had time to read anything.
6. It always befuddles me to see the people who can least afford a conservative government vote for it so adamantly.

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  1. 1

    Why does the quote of the day (Bono’s The Less You Know, The More You Believe) keep ringing in my head together with that last point on your list? Things that make you go hmmmmmm….. It’s Monday and my brain may just be playing games

  2. 2

    Ha. I seriously did not put that quote on there since I’m just using an automatic quote generator. BUT there’s a reason why the quotable people are quotable.

  3. 3

    Absolutely :) Must’ve been serendipity….

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