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It’s The End of The Summer

And it couldn’t have come more quickly. In hindsight, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. High humidity, insufferably sticky days were at a minimum. It’s been like May for over a week now. The insane hours helped my home-buying goal since I cleared enough to comfortable move as well as have all closing costs and minor repair/ update work done. I’m tired, though. Everyone’s happy when the summer ends. For those of you out there shaking your heads, get a job where I work and then talk to me.

Congratulations to all U.S. workers, regardless of how they view the summer. With things being as bad as they are and with all the chips stacked as they are, congratulations to those who don’t whine or complain or seek handouts. Congratulations to those who pay the high taxes because they’re too poor for expensive tax shelters and too rich to benefit from government programs. Rich and poor don’t pay taxes, the rest of us do. This is a congratulations to the middle class who hope and pray they won’t be extinct someday. This next election has to be for you. Get educated, write letters, march in the streets. no matter who gets elected, don’t turn on the TV and cease to care. We have to make them accountable to us since we’re the ones who pay for everything, who do everything, who make this country run. We’re the grease on the wheels, the hands on the dials. Hats off to all of you.

Have a good day.

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    Richie Rich:

    I,m doing well being invested in Government contract stocks & oil, over seas companies.
    You Democrats are a bunch of whiners, crying about your jobs, your mortgages, globalization is the future and China is our partner, deal with it, Obama has no chance of winning, think about it 40% of the voting machines in the U.S. where made by Diabold, who is Republican friendly and have no paper trail.
    Trust me, where not worried about loosing.

  2. 2


    I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I wave no flags and have no affiliations. But I agree with this individual that you all under 40 should invest in foreign stock. Quickly. In large numbers of dollars. But the economy and investing is another topic for another time.

    American workers still deserve to be recognized.

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