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iMac Is Back


For better or worse, my all-white iMac G5 is gone. I rushed home today after work because the new workhorse was supposed to be delivered between 1600-1800. I was running late. A friend had something happen and I had to wait until she got out and then there was the obligatory consolation. I must have just missed the delivery but I shouldn’t have worried. I should have known my doorwoman would be more than happy to sign for it. There it was, box crisp and striking right beside the reception desk. It was never shipped so this marks my first desktop to not have a FedEx label on it. A guy I met on the elevator said he’d be happy to install Leopard on it whenever I wanted it.

It’s better-looking than I thought it would be and since I hardly get any sunlight in my apartment, the glossy screen won’t hurt too much. There are a few other things about its general design I don’t like which make Theodora still the best computer I’ve ever owned. The back is not only black but convex, making it harder to see the ports now stashed along the bottom rather than the side. There’s only one Firewire 400 port. One. Good thing the two external drives can daisy-chain into each other and come equipped with an extra Firewire port each. And then there’s the keyboard. The keys themselves are a marked improvement and I’ll get used to the new uses for the function keys. But I had to get the wired version because removing the number pad from the wireless version was a grave, grave error. I hate wired keyboards, though. Damn wires. Now I will be hosting my own sale of AA batteries. I have enough stocked for two nuclear holocausts.

But for better or worse, I’ll have to live with the changes and then there are the pros, especially the real estate. 24 inches of pristine screen. Stereo sound’s nice, too. The first song I played on it was Badly Drawn Boy’s “Born in the UK”.

This is Marco.

(And if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, stop thinking it.)

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