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Radiohead Flips Off The RIAA

This isn’t breaking news. I only found out about it today while reading the cheap-o Metro newspaper in the break room. I’ve been too involved in my own personal odyssey to not know until almost a week late that one of my favorite bands has just released an album.

Radiohead dropped their latest In Rainbows on their own website as a download and for sale as a CD to be shipped in December. You can pay whatever you want for the download but I gave them a fair iTunesque £5. I won’t buy the boxed version since it seems to cost a ridiculous £40. That’s $80. No way.

The best part of this news is they bypassed their label altogether. With the internet, there’s no need for record labels. I love how RIAA reps always try to say they’re after grandmothers and college kids everywhere for downloading because poor artists are unemployed because of illegal downloads. No, idiots. The world’s changed. Whenever the world changes, species die. You’re next on the list, dinosaurs. You’ll be following Tower Records next. People are starting to get it.

As for the album itself, I’ve downloaded it but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’m going to put it on my iPod and listen to it tonight or tomorrow. Q says it’s good. Was there really any doubt, though. They’re one of the most depressing, bizarre, and adventurous bands around and I’m glad they did this in spite of people already complaining about it.

As for the students getting threatening letters from the RIAA, ignore them. They have no right to do this. Downloading music is almost a work of charity towards mankind and small artists who just can’t get a contract. The RIAA is actually working against the artists they claim to be helping. Ignore them. Don’t buy CDs. Download from iTunes or elsewhere.

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