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And They Can Never Wrong This Right

Killers at Tweeter Center

I had never seen at show at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan’s Midtown, and I hadn’t seen a rock show at all in over two years. I rectified both wrongs Saturday night. As the ghost of a great LV once said, “What a night. What a show.”

There are reasons why the Killers, who are all from near where I grew up, are fast becoming my favorite band. They’re young, earnest, and yet somehow unaware of how good they really are. They sound happy to be there and like they’re having fun and not begruding you a good time by hitting you over the head with Important Crap. And yet, they want to be good and important, they really do. “Mr. Brightside” is becoming an arena rock show-stopper, much bigger a number live than it ever was on the radio. “Bling (Confessions of a King)” elicted a “They’re good” comment from a guy behind me. The critic maligned Sam’s Town rang true on the stage, every bit as good as Hot Fuss.

They have a way to go, but they’re getting there and it’s all there for the taking. The best part about them, though, is how they don’t have it all quite worked out yet. It’s bittersweet to see a baby band grow up.

The opening act, the Silver Beats, were a Japanese Beatles cover band. It was uncanny and a bit bizarre to see four mop-headed Japanese on stage sounding just like the Fab Four. But they were great and it was an homage to songs and songwriters who will never age or die. Unfortunately for the band, they can never make money from selling music, because they’re just copying someone else’s work and hair and clothes and look…

Picture Credit: The Killers website. I took no camera or phone.

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