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The Last Day of the Year

I didn’t have much planned for New Year’s since I was so focused on Christmas, it practically slipped my mind. I also didn’t finance for it. Since my last minute $900 air ticket, I don’t have much left (well, enough to get myself a new hard drive but that was a need, not an indulgence) monetary-wise to flush away on yet another night of Bacchanalia. So I’m taking this weekend as merely three days off (besides the call shift Monday). The mess in my apartment is starting to get to me, so I started yesterday and this morning cleaning it up. What was the first stop? iTunes.

You heard right. All the generic music icons in the Coverflow mode have bugged me for a while, as well as the messy info on downloaded music. I cleaned up metadata and inserted album artwork in practically everything yesterday and today. One of the last things still thwarting me are all the soundtracks since apparently those are harder to find after they’ve made money for their movie. I’ve started using Amazon to fill in the blanks but have a lot of work to do still. The other culprit is live music that was never “released”. I haven’t touched that yet.

Another thing I did was rip more of my CDs in. I don’t use them anymore and if they haven’t been ripped in their entirety, chances are I haven’t heard that music in ages. I’ve discovered some gems such as Idlewild’s Remote Part, Radiohead’s Amnesiac, Rachael Yamagata’s Happenstance, and JJ72′s eponymous debut album. See what happens when you look? I also deleted all music files on my iPod and refilled it with a new lineup.

It was high time. Have a happy New Year’s Eve if you’re celebrating.

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