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I think Chris Rock is doing great, especially his Bush and The Gap bit. But what was the Halle Berry “cast the first Oscar”? Was she going to throw it at someone? Someone, rewrite that teleprompter. And the Beyonce thing: My French pronunciation is better than hers and I suck and please spare us the [...]

The February Blog Disaster

For two days, I’ve been suffering php/MySQL hell. WP 1.5 came out and I wanted to check it out before updating this blog. So instead of updating the blog itself, I made a new directory, uploaded the new WordPress to it and used the same database as this blog, changing the prefix so it wouldn’t [...]

Question Hour on C-SPAN

Accidentally while flipping through the channels, I stumbled upon British Parliament’s Question Hour. Delegates actually ask the Prime Minister questions. Some serious, some not. People laughed… in a good way. The PM had to answer the questions cold, sans speech writer. It was *fun*. He used words like “I think…” Think. And he said things [...]

Why didn’t she ask me?

These odd things sometimes come up at work and I never really say anything about it at the time, but they stick in my head for a while. We were in between cases and the woman I was working with belongs to a hospital wide committee that does something about staff retention. She was trying [...]

The Claddagh

Is it possible to hate and love someone at the same time? Because that’s what I’m feeling right now about Mr. and Mrs. P. Hewson. Read the Vogue article if you dare suffer a stroke. They’re so fucking perfect! The clincher’s when Bono/ Bastard/ God says, “See, the thing about us, is that we like [...]


Oh, man, this is awesome. For people like me, who work too hard and make too little money, it doesn’t matter if someone finds out my contacts and phone numbers of equally poor, hard-working people. But for Paris Hilton who has too much money and has done nothing to earn it, it’s a disaster. Whoever [...]


So Bush is in Europe and U2 is getting blasted by the press. All is well. Things are upside down as usual. There’s an interesting quote on the BBC about Bush: “Despite Mr Bush’s charm offensive, there are too many issues dividing the US from much of Europe to enable peace to be declared on [...]

We’re not gonna live forever

I was reading the newspaper a few days ago at lunch and a headline caught my eye in the editorials “I wish some of us had been immortals”. The author was bewailing the recent death of Death of a Salesman‘s playwright Arthur Miller. It got me thinking… kept me thinking, rather, since I’d already been [...]

On Valentine’s Day

It’s raining on Valentine’s Day 2005 and I’m in love. Yes, in love. With four men. If I were the crying type, I would have been awash in tears Sunday night. They showed once again — to the last man– why they’re the best rock band ever. Bar none. Keep your Beatles, and Rolling Stones [...]

The Grammys

I was thinking today how awesome it would be if they didn’t do what they were supposed to, but did another song altogether. And they did. I was screaming at the television. I don’t think I’ll watch this whole idiotic show. I’m glad U2 was on early. What was with that stupid first number, though? [...]

Two Peaks

Originally uploaded by Mr Lunatic Fringe. How amazing is this? It makes me so jealous. I wish I had ever taken pictures like this. Check out the whole photostream at Flickr of this guy’s.

Timeless and Contemporary

I couldn’t have said it better if I’d tried. This is how an SNL viewer described U2 after seeing their performance in November. He called the band beyond others like Springsteen who are “timeless”; he said U2 was both timeless and contemporary. Amazing. They don’t rest on laurels or live through their own legend. They’re [...]

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