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The Longest Day

I have to write this while I’m still angry. I’ve just spent 10 hours in line, on my feet, at the airport. And I’m back where started. I’m in my apartment on the East Coast, 2000 miles from where I want to be. It’s the only holiday I care about; it’s the only one I [...]

I hate the weather

Why this always seem to happen to me. Some stupid snowstorm pours ice etc on the Midwest and I’m stuck. I’m not even going TO the Midwest (thank God). But my flight goes through there and now no one answers at the airline help line and I’ve been on hold for 3 hours already. Actually, [...]

Changing Your Mind

Anything and everything on this blog or the related webspace is what the person writing it felt like at the time they were writing it. That person or persons always has the right to change their mind, though the Bush Administration would have you believe that were somehow the new High Crime of the Century.

“Listen to me now…”

Actually, I first thought of this weeks ago just before the new U2 album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, came out. It was the Saturday Night Live performance of “Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own” that had me in an emotionally charged mess. I was so excited about the song, I got [...]

Someone’s Already Said All the Good Stuff


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