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When did this nondescript blog start?

This blog started life as one of’s many automated children. it didn’t take long before its obsession with layout got the better of it and it chafed at all the rules imposed on it by Blogger and its ugly tool bar. It forsook the promises of exposure and broke away. After some research on what was available, it took a page from WordPress, edited its default template and made its own splash at the home directory of where it has lived for the last almost-two years.

However, this is not my homepage. If you look at the URL, all this is in the directory “blog” one removed from the home directory. is my homepage, my home site, my virtual home. I have all kinds of stuff in it. I started it when I was in college as a pantheon to my favorite band. Our relationship has cooled a bit, but I still maintain it a bit and there are other things in there besides just OH, MY GOD, THAT SHOW WAS, LIKE, SO AWESOME! I’m responsible for most of them. I’m currently working on a new site just for pictures. It might be ready by the time I’m 40.

Why is it named Reactionary?

This blog suffers from a common familial malady of flying off the handle. It also, apparently, suffers from making certain word-based decisions before being sure what certain words mean according to Webster’s. But according to it, this blog is appropriately named. According to genii of the English language, it is not.

reactionary |rēˈak sh əˌnerē| adjective (of a person or a set of views) opposing political or social liberalization or reform.


What do you use to make this blog?

This blog creates itself using WordPress blog software. It uploads new php or css files using Panic’s amazing Transmit and uses SubEthaEdit to write or alter new files, all the while being able to keep track of changes. Pictures used to appear on the blog with the cooperation of places such as Flickr but that practice has been abandoned and now pictures live on the same server as the blog. iPhoto, Aperture, and Photoshop feed in the pictures all taken with Canon cameras.

Made with Mac.

Now, we know the blog doesn’t maintain itself. What about you?

What would you like to know about me that the blog hasn’t already? My name? My address? Not on your life.

Can I be added on your blogroll?

I add blogs or delete them as I see fit. Asking won’t do it and then I feel bad that I didn’t. Save you and me the trouble and don’t ask.

Can I contact you?

Leave a comment on one of the posts, e-mail me or…

Call me!

Who can comment?

Anybody. No registration necessary. The catch is your comment must be approved by me and me alone (not some robotic filter spammers can outwit) before it can be posted. I try and get to them as soon as I may. Sometimes it takes me a while so be patient. Don’t post the same thing 40 times because it doesn’t show up right away. I don’t censor anything not even to spellcheck (those who know me best will know how hard it is to not spellcheck or correct typos). It’s just to keep spammers off. I will not grant free links to places like online casinos or druuuuuuugs or insurance companies. I am convinced there is a circle in hell reserved for those who waste anyone’s time with such tactics. But maybe their pointless lives are punishment enough.

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