16 October 2005, Wachovia Center

"For this song, I'm going to need this."

The Ticket

This was the easy part. After the disaster with the tickets for the spring leg, I had lost all hope of getting tickets for any American shows, even if I live here. Ticketmaster is my bane plusly I have incredible bad luck. But then U2.com subscribers plus me got that e-mail from Larry Mullen Jr. apologizing for the disaster and vowing to make it better for the fall shows. I appreciated U2's continued generosity and barefaced honesty that make them so wonderful, but I didn't have much hope.

Pre Show

The Songs

The Show

The Pictures

I put them in the U2Literary Picturebook section though I may transfer a few here at some later point. Photo editing is so much work and I've spent the better part of my day doing this.

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