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These are the reviews of each CONCERT. Only the performances of the band are in here. For everything else, look at the Diary section. I split the two to keep the Diary from being 100 pages long and to make it easier for people to find how the concerts were without wading through all that other stuff.

For everyone who does wanna read the rest of the stories, see the Diary and wade away. For those who do not, I don't wanna make you suffer, especially considering how image-heavy these pages are. That's why I did this. In the Diary's pages, there's a link to the review of the concert in this section. Let me know how this works... or doesn't.

North America, Leg #1

Boston 4, June 9th
Philadelphia 1, June 11th
Philadelphia 2, June 12th

Europe, Leg #2

Manchester 1, August 11th
Manchester 2, August 12th
Birmingham 2, August 15th
London 3, August 21st
London 4, August 22nd
Slane Castle, August 26th
Slane Castle, September 1st

North America, Leg #3 Philadelphia


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