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Slane Castle, Ireland #1
Slane, Co. Meath
August 25, 2001

Bullfight Bono from Behind Bono Close Up
Bono and Stage Lights Pop for Veins Hands

I didn't take these. Several were previously printed in the Irish Times and Hot Press, publications I picked up after the concert on August 25th. Slane 2 pictures are not available. I didn't get my hands on any more paper... decided there was only so much newsprint that would fit in my bulging backpack. Click on one of the small thumbnails to bring up a small window with a larger picture on it. They average about 30K+ per picture. The credits for each picture are listed below. Do not rip these pictures off without including the same credits. Some people make a living by taking and publishing pictures. Have respect for that.

1. Bullfight at the Castle: From the Irish Times magazine (www.ireland.com), September 1, 2001. Photographs by Alan O'Connor and Peter Rowen (article doesn't say which is which so I listed them both). Excellent shot that captures the whole set up better than any other picture I've seen.

2. Bono from Behind: Also from the Irish Times magazine, September 1, 2001 with photographs by Alan O'Connor and Peter Rowen. You can't see the expanse of the crowd, probably because of the angle the photographer was at. From Bono's view, it must have been absolutely hair-raising. 100,000 people *screaming*.


The last four pictures are by photographer Roger Woolman who was kind enough to furnish U2Literary with JPGs from his original pictures. This means less color distortion, less moires, sharper, cleaner pictures. Thanks, Roger. Go visit his website at www.themusicphotographer.com. As always, all copyright etc belongs to him. You may not rip these pictures off to pass as your own or DISPLAY without credits. Many of you do this.

3. "Bittersweet Symphony": That's what the headline read. It's from Hot Press (www.hotpress.com), 12th of September, Volume 25, Number 17. Perfect shot for the leading photograph in the muti-page article.

4. Stage Lights: The full size picture is actually 600x480, the largest of the bunch.

5. Midst of Song: Another close up of Bono by the great Roger Woolman.

6. Stage Shot: Also from Hot Press (same issue as above). The uncut, unedited version. I publicly apologize for having cropped it in the previous version of this page. I meant well... :)

I bought a lot of the press coverage on the first show, but not everything, of course. There is one picture I really wish I had. I think it was in one of the newspapers the day after. It's of Bono and Edge kissing Miss Ireland at the same time, one to each cheek and she's *screaming*. If anyone has it somewhere or knows where I can get it, please please write me (Webmaster@U2Literary.com) and let me know. Thanks!


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