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Philadelphia, PA #1
The First Union Center
June 11, 2001

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Second and final night in Philadelphia. I was *exhausted* by then. We had stayed there all night and I ended up being #3 in line. This was also U2PhillyFans' night as this show had the highest number of members there. It also featured the worldwide premiere of the BonoGirl t-shirts. Anyway, since I was 3, I ended up dead center in front of Bono. The crush was unbelieveable. I guess everyone just wants a piece of him. It was harder taking pictures at this show than at any of the others. I was gettin' shoved the whole time. AND it's hard photographing Bono was he's practically got his shoes in your face, he's that close. BUT some shots did turn out and here again are some of them. Same camera, same film.


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